Texas State Council History
On May 13, 1953 in Galveston, Texas, a group of interested registered operating room nurses met during the Texas Hospital Association meeting, formulated a constitution, and established the Texas Conference of Operating Room Nurses.  The primary purpose was to promote the advancement of knowledge and skill in the operating room and stimulate interest in this nursing specialtiy.  It was further decided that meeting with the Texas Hospital Association would benefit the entire medical field by promoting operating room nursing.  The first President was June Pellet of Dallas, Texas.

In May of 1981 the name was changed to Texas Association of Operating Room Nurses (TAORN).  With their growth from representation all across Texas it was hoped that TAORN would become the educational resource and serve as a central resurce for operating room nurses across the State. TAORN functioned under this name until the late 80’s when all the specialty organizations discontinued meeting with the Texas Hospital Association.

In November of 1990, the Texas Council of Operating Room Nurses (TCORN) was formed to unite the various local AORN Chapters across the State and to provide a platform for networking.  TCORN functioned independently from AORN.  Another focus of TCORN was to be able to mobilize operating room nurses to respond quickly to legislative efforts that could impact the practice of operating room nursing.  Later the Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) decided to classify State Councils as affiliate members of AORN. This permitted TCORN to continue functioning independently, but made AORN resources available.

In 2007 we began a yearly executive retreat to provide the “think tank” needed to continue to expand the focus and activities of TCORN.

Today (2012) TCORN is alive and well.  We are active members of the Texas Nurses Association (TNA) Nursing Legislative Action Committee (NLAC) and participate with approximately 25 other nursing organizations to monitor legislative activity related to nursing issues.  We host our own website which is expanding exponentially.  We have established scholarships and also work with AORN’s Foundation.  We were pioneers in establishing communication between other State Councils through the development of monthly meetings of all the Chairs of other State Councils in conjunction with AORN.  Our goal is to be the primary resource for Texas Perioperative Registered Nurses.